This News Letter includes 1. LED Calibrator 2. High Brightness Enclosure Display 3. webOS Signage New Features 4.LG-Cisco Compatibilit

At LG, we are constantly innovating.

We’re not just focused on new products, however. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our customers’ experiences of our existing product line. We want to share some of those improvements to our popular signage solutions with our trusted partners.

  1. LED Calibrator
  2. High Brightness Enclosure Display
  3. webOS Signage New Features
  4. LG-Cisco Compatibility

LED Calibrator has been launched

The LED Calibrator is software that enables you to control white balance among LDMs (LED Display Modules) that make up an LED Display. Users can easily adjust the white balance by using the LED Calibrator and a camera.

Why LG High Brightness Enclosure

Boasting a high brightness, LG’s outdoor displays capture the attention of passers-by even in direct sunlight. Carefully designed to withstand a variety of extreme changes in the environment, the display will stably deliver eye-catching content for as long as you need it to

  • 86XE3FS
    1. Thermal Management Technology
    2. SMA connector ready for WIFI
    3. Guide for Installation by 3rd Party PC Box into the Enclosure
    4. Landscape Installation Support
  • XE4F
    1. Color Calibration Mode for Advanced Color
    2. Tilt Installation Support

webOS Signage New Features

IoT Framework in SCAP API v1.7
The IoT API allows the management of IoT features using events and methods.

Failover to SI App
A device can be set to play the content stored on it or run the preset app when there is no signal from any input source. This applies also on the Screen Share application.  

WPA2 Enterprise Security in Wi-Fi
WPA2-Enterprise has been around since 2004 and is still considered the gold standard for wireless network security. It delivers over-the-air encryption and a high level of security.

LG-Cisco Compatibility

As people’s work practices change, effectively communicating and sharing information becomes even more crucial to efficiently running a company. We’re uniting core business strengths with Cisco in the Room Kit and Room Kit Plus with LG displays. The combination offers outstanding solutions for videoconferencing, content delivery and presentation capability, with compatibility and premium features. These solutions ensure the user experience is simple, straightforward, eye-catching and engaging. 24/7 solution support is available online for total peace of mind and guaranteed productivity.

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