This News Letter includes 1. LG webOS Signage x People Counting Solution 2. 130-inch AIO LED(LAAF) Color Space Support Enhancement 3. LED Academy LV3 Hands-On Training Ready 4.LG Signage x AirServer Screen Share Solution 5.TR3BF Updated Features 6.LG LED Signage Visual Planner Premieres

At LG, we are constantly innovating.

We’re not just focused on new products, however. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our customers’ experiences of our existing product line. We want to share some of those improvements to our popular signage solutions with our trusted partners.

  1. LSAA/LSAB key features and LED Online Certification update
  2. Make your voice heard
  3. LG Big TV LED offers outdoor entertainment solution
  4. SuperSign CMS: External PC support via Supersign CMS Player
  5. SMIL Player is on board with LG webOS
  6. Total Care Solution for LG LED signage

LSAA/LSAB key features and LED Online Certification update

By introducing revolutionary docking LED systems, we are bringing cutting-edge features to our Optimum Cable-less LED Signage – LSAA and LG MAGNIT LED Signage – LSAB.

Highlights include:
• Docking wireless solutions offer ease of installation and maintenance.
• Common cathode technology allows each individual R/G/B subpixel to receive precisely the required voltage, reducing unnecessary power draw and thus lowering overall power consumption.
• By adopting the 4-in-1 LED package, which combines and integrates 4 pixels into a single LED package, LSAA offers better protection of the LED module. This means it is more durable than conventional LED displays, even in withstanding the wear from human touch.

• Our LSAA/LSAB series has been added to our LED Online Certification program. For further information, please visit:

Make your voice heard

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LG Big TV LED offers outdoor entertainment solution

Thanks to our wide product range and expertise in media device applications, we are proud to introduce the “BIG TV”. It features the best from Commercial TV and LED signage in an exciting combination to address every technical need. The solution combines the power of the STB-5500 with our GSCA and GNEA LED Screens.

• Big screens scalable up to 340”
• Clear and bright picture quality even under direct sunlight
• Traditional TV tuner and Commercial TV features
• Remote management and control
• Professional project management

SuperSign CMS supports external PC with SuperSign CMS Player

We are continuing to refine LG SuperSign CMS. We’re excited to present the latest updates to the acclaimed signage solution. The new Windows-based signage player called as LG SuperSign Player runs on Windows and is supported by SuperSign CMS v3.0. Introduced to expand the possibilities of SuperSign in larger projects that might require Windows for linking various systems.

• Supports content synchronization playback function for videowall usage case
• Multi-channel content playback
• Status control & monitoring
• Compatible (verified) devices: DFI and Axiomtek

SMIL Player is on board with LG webOS

SignageOS recently completed the W3C Open Standard – SMIL player application for the LG webOS display portfolio. The SignageOS implementation of SMIL enables rapid application deployment with fewer dependencies, making the integration of LG webOS displays into existing CMS networks even easier.

• Reduced development time and resources for a complete signage solution
• Great feature support in an open environment
• Reduced development and integration costs

Total Care Solution for LG LED Signage

At LG, we want to create exciting solutions that give our customers the best experience. The latest in reliability is the Total Care Solution (TSC). This program gives proactive support across the lifetime of the product. TSC provides you with routine maintenance, preventive care and service when you need it most.

• Installation quality inspection
• Regular visits
• Remote diagnostics and problem-solving (ConnectedCare)

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