This News Letter includes 1.SuperSign CMS v. 3.0, 2.BIM Library for architects & consultants, 3.Control Solutions for Signage, 4.Pro:Centric Direct 4.0 revised update guide

At LG, we are constantly innovating.

We’re not just focused on new products, however. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our customers’ experiences of our existing product line. We want to share some of those improvements to our popular signage solutions with our trusted partners.

  1. SuperSign CMS v. 3.0
  2. 2.BIM Library for architects & consultants
  3. Control Solutions for Signage
  4. 4.Pro:Centric Direct 4.0 revised update guide

SuperSign CMS v. 3.0 Release

We are continuing to refine LG SuperSign CMS. We’re excited to present the latest updates to the acclaimed Signage solution. Now, a plethora of new features enhance usability and provide services for both partners and end customers.

Key features of CMS v3.0:
• GUI-based device-monitoring support
• An improved process for issuing a trial license
• Individual license management by workgroup
• Enhanced Trouble Notice function
• TAG management support
• Creation function of Privacy Policy Terms
• SuperSign Player (window player) support (compatible with other media players) and more…

BIM Library for architects & consultants

We are pleased to provide a robust BIM library for building professionals to be able to quickly integrate Revit families for LG commercial displays into BIM projects.
Also we’ve partnered with BIMsmith so you can research, compare, and download LG Revit families and product documentation quickly and easily. Browse the LG BIM Library of commercial displays below or on BIMsmith Market. If you have any questions, just reach out to our free BIM support line. Get started designing with LG commercial displays in Revit today.

Control Solutions for LG Signage

“Untact” or touch-free technology is highly recommended for the ongoing fight against COVID-19. LG Information Display supports several types of controlling and monitoring. This overview of each control solution by LG signage shows how they’re distinguished from each other.

Pro:Centric Direct 4.0 revised update guide

With Pro:Centric Direct 4.0, we are improving our update guidelines to make it easier and faster.

With the new update guide, you can download the Pro:Centric update directly from a dedicated server for the European market. Furthermore, you will be able to change the Unicast port back to 8080 to guarantee compatibility after updating

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