This News Letter includes 1. Pro:Centric Direct 4.0 Release 2. Online Certification Program 3. IPTV Tuning in Stand-alone Mode 4. Security in Hotel TV

At LG, we are constantly innovating.

We’re not just focused on new products, however. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our customers’ experiences of our existing product line. We want to share some of those improvements to our popular signage solutions with our trusted partners.

  1. Pro:Centric Direct 4.0 Release
  2. Online Certification Program
  3. IPTV Tuning in Stand-alone Mode
  4. Security in Hotel TV

Pro:Centric Direct 4.0 official release

We continue to refine Pro:Centric Direct. We’re excited to present the latest update to the acclaimed Hotel TV solution A plethora of new features can now enhance the guest journey and provide new services for both guests and hoteliers.

Pro:Centric Direct and SuperSign CMS online certification program

You will be able to increase your solution knowledge with on-demand video tutorials, FAQ and exercises that simulate the real-life issues which can arise during installations. You can also request a private session to receive a live evaluation that will allow you to become an officially certified LG solution partner

You can achieve one of two different certification levels:

  • Level 3: You can configure, troubleshoot, operate and deploy LG solutions on Hotel TVs or signage monitors.
  • Level 4: You are able to develop external interfaces on your own (PMS, QMS, etc.) and manage communication with third-party servers.

Certification brings many benefits, such as original certificates as a verified partner, virtual badges, professional support for field installations and more.

IPTV tuning in stand-alone mode through the native Hotel TV UI

In order to increase the stand-alone functionality of our Hotel TVs, we are introducing IPTV tuning from the native channel map. It doesn’t require manual clone file editing nor solution connections.

You can add your multicast IP channel information directly on the TV. Furthermore, you can use the “Export Clone” feature to copy the settings to as many TVs as needed.

For a full demo displaying this feature, please see the video below.

Superior security in Hotel TV

Commercial webOS platform is a must-have choice for security of hotel guests.

Open Platform

  • Platform is optimized and revolved for B2C Usage
    Source code level released
  • Able to attain high authority level only by 3rd party develope
    System & Security Control
  • Security issues have been reported through various media

webOS Platform

  • Improved for B2B usage from LG webOS smart TV platform
    Dedicated API(HCAP) & SDK only
  • Limited access to API by 3rd party developer who signed NDA and DLA
    Not provisioning any dev. environment for system level
  • Permitted to develop & deploy a TV application by authorized SI only

Thank you for being a valued partner

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