LG LED – Corporate Vertical

LED in the Corporate vertical

Here you will find all the information surrounding the control rooms vertical, from requirements to user scenarios and suggested models

1. Where can LED be applied in the Corporate vertical?

2. What is required of an LED screen in the Corporate vertical?

Scene 1 : Video Conferencing and Meeting Rooms


Recommended product – Video Conferencing and Meeting Rooms #1

LAAF 130” All-in-One Premium Solution

Ultimate 130” FHD screen without bezel

  • Size : 130 inch Bezel-less screen
  • Pitch : 1.5mm
  • Resolution : 1,920 x 1,080 (FHD)
  • Brightness : 500nit
  • Contrast Ratio : 5,000:1
  • Refresh Rate : 3,840Hz
  • HDR10 supported
  • LG proprietary sound solution “Surface Sound”
  • Compatible with Crestron/Cisco VC solution


Introduction of LAAF 130 All-in-One

Recommended product- Video Conferencing and Meeting Rooms #2

LAEB 136” All-in-One Essential Series

136” FHD screen without bezel

  • Size : 136 inch Bezel-less screen
  • Pitch : 1.56mm
  • Resolution : 1,920 x 1,080 (FHD)
  • Brightness : 800nit
  • Contrast Ratio : 3,000:1
  • Refresh Rate : 3,840Hz


Scene 2 : Collaboration


Recommended product – Collaboration

LSCB Series

  • Ultra Slim Depth: Edge thickness is 29.5mm
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance: Slim-line floating mounting brackets and front service LED modules
  • Easy FHD/UHD configuration: 16:9 ratio unit case, so easy to configure
  • EMC Class B and Fire Protection: EMC Class B and Fire Protection(BS 476 Part7:1997 Class1) certification are under processing


Scene 3 : Presentations


Recommended product – Presentations #1

LAS Fine-pitch Series

The LAS Fine-pitch Series offers a unit case with 16:9 aspect ratio, as well as light-weight cabinet design and front serviceability for easy installation and maintenance.

  • Cable-less Stackable Design: Stackable unit cases and signal connector enable easy installation.
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio: With 1 69 aspect ratio, you can enjoy existing content without additional editing.
  • Easy-handling Lightweight Unit Case: Its lightweight unit cases enable easy installation and prevent damage.
  • Signal/Power Redundancy: The additional controller and power unit prevents a screen blackout and offers stable power. (Optional)
  • Front Serviceability: The product offers front access, freeing customers from needing rear access space.
  • Uniform Picture Quality with Accurate Colors: Our stictly managed production enables us to provide seamless content and vivid colors without distortion.
  • RoHS Certified Safe Product: With RoHS certified, all LG LED signage models are eco-friendly while not using harmful materials.


Recommended product – Presentations #2

LSAA Optimum Cable-less LED Series

For up to UHD resolution with the 16:9 ratio, it does not require a cable connection between the cabinets to supply signal & power. Its block assembly design makes the LSAA series easier to be installed than ever before.The LAS Fine-pitch Series offers a unit case with 16:9 aspect ratio, as well as light-weight cabinet design and front serviceability for easy installation and maintenance.

  • Robust 4-in-1 LED Package: Unlike LG’s conventional LED signage in which one light source constitutes one small LED package, the LSAA series has applied four light sources at once to its wider LED package. So the attached area of 4-in-1 LED package can be wider than the conventional single LED package, making the LED signage surface smoother and suitable for up-close uses
  • 16:9 Slim Form-factor
  • Cable-less Connection:No need for additional signal & power cables between the cabinets resulting in easy installation and tidy finishing on the back
  • AI-powered Image Processor: The “Alpha 7 Intelligent Processor” applied to the LSAA series recognizes and analyzes the original content, optimizing the clarity and sharpness of the content for itself
  • webOS 4.1 Features: Compatible with SuperSign CMS for seamless control and content management.


Scene4 : Corporate Messaging


Recommended Product

LAPE Series

  • Curvable modules
  • Superior picture quality with high refresh rates and 16 bit greyscale
  • Remote power supplies
  • Power and data redundancy
  • Full Supersign integration
  • WebOS
  • Convex and concave curvature up to 1000 R


Scene5 : Brand Promotion

Recommended Product

LAT Transparent LED Film

  • Easy Space Innovation: Easy to install, Fit to space, Low-Maintenance
  • Blends into the Space: Transparency like a glass
  • Perfect for Content display: 14mm pitch enough for near-field content representation
  • Other Value added Feature: No line defect, Brightness-scheduling, Signage 365, Enhanced content display options


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