SuperSign CMS -Self Practice

Step 03 Self Practice

Following Step by Step for sepcific practice. you will know the detail options through the practices.

Module 10: Guides

How to practice with Slef-Practice guide

  • Initiate self-directed learning. Improve your skills by completing the missions and practicing SuperSign CMS continuously.

Mission 1: Contents

Upload contents at your server and create new content for special purpose

  1. Move to content tab
  2. Note: Regardless of the workgroup selection, users can view all contents in all workgroups at default group? ( Yes / No )
  3. Create a new folder “Fast Food Restaurant” and “Digital Cafe” under the default workgroup
  4. Upload “any” video contents to the folder “Digital Cafe”
  5. Upload “any” image contents to the folder “Fast Food Restaurant”
  6. Successful result should be same with right side images

Mission 2: Distribution

Schedule Distribute contents to your monitor

  1. Move to Schedule tab and create and save new distribution task
  2. Set the time schedule and content as belowStarting Time : 6:00 AM
  3. Ending Time : 10:00 PM
  4. Repeat : Monthly until end of this year
  5. Content : Any Video content

Mission 3: New user registration

Register a new user for multiple managers

  1. Get into setting menu by the icon at right-top side
  2. Move to ‘Role’ menu
  3. Create new role as “News distributor”
  4. Enable the authority as below and apply
  5. Move to ‘User’ menu
  6. Create new account with belowRole : News distributor
  7. Workgroup : News title
  8. Login again with created account

Mission 4: Log report

  1. Move to player tab and enter the monitor
  2. Get into Log report to see the history of recent logs by
  3. clicking more button
  4. Set the period to last 3 days
  5. Set the index as “Playback” and check
  6. the number of playback and start/end time
  7. Export log report as an excel file

Mission 5: E-mail alarm

Set the e-mail alarm service for remote management

  1. Move to setting menu and “Trouble Notice
  2. Fill in SMTP e-mail account setting option
  3. Assign SuperSign CMS user account to list of recipient
  4. Open that Gmail inbox and check the e-mail from SuperSign CMS

Mission 6: Player Control

Controlling and Managing registered player

  1. Move to player tab
  2. Assign a tag “Normal” on your registered monitor
  3. Get into ‘control’ menu and select the control item to ‘time’
  4. Set the time of monitor to time of PC

You have completed the step 03. Let’s move to step 04.

04 Booking an evaluation date

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