SuperSign CMS – Watching Online Demo

Step 01 Watching Online Demo

the demo and guide are here. Enjoy Full of flow of Supersign CMS
01 Online Demo > 02 Creating Account > 03 Self Practice > 04 Booking a datE > 05 Evaluation > 06 Certified Partner

Module 1: Installation

SuperSignCMS Download and License Registration Guide

Module 2: Workgroup

Creating WorkGroups, Roles and Users

  • Using one server, you can manage multiple projects with individual User group
  • Users can separately manage [Content], [Playlist], [Schedule], [Distribution], [Player], and [Videowall] by dividing the work group. Create and manage data for each work group separately
  • Sort, manage and view data using folders

Module 3: Content

web-cerntric Content builder

  • Management of contents by uploading or creating customizable layouts
  • Create the desired content using various templates and layouts. (including playlists)
  • Create and edit content projects to play on displays using the SuperSign Editor.

Module 4: Distribution

Simple deployment for contents and schedule

  • Distribute various content and playlists registered on the SuperSign Server to displays for playback
  • You can create or modify schedules to distribute the content registered to the SuperSign CMS server

Module 5: Player

Advanced feature on Monitoring and Controlling

  • Add players, check their status, change, control and monitor settings and create distributions to play [Content] or [Playlist].

Module 6: Videowall

Multi video syncronizations.

  • Use distribution functions that are optimized for players configured as a videowall

Module 7: Settings

Settings and Mobile UI

  • Enable or disable the approved systems and configure settings for system management(Trouble Notice, Users, Roles, Release Notes, etc.)
  • You can use the View in Mobile Version button on the Login or Dashboard screen to use the functions
  • Mobile page is focused on users who want to use it with mobile device

Module 8: Utils

SuperSign CMS Utils

  • Additional Feature for Admin users(Password Reset, backup/restore the server and change the port numbers)

You have completed Step 01, Let’s move to Step 02.

02 Access Demo Server

Please use the form to the left to request access to the demo server. We will process your request and send you the login information as soon as possible. Or send us an Email :