LG SuperSign Software Resource Center

Comprehensive and indispensable solution for the integrated management

With SuperSign, content creation and distribution gets easier and centralized monitoring and control becomes simpler,
helping your business save time and operate more effectively across its locations. Besides its outstanding functionality,
the intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) and user-focused layout designs enhance user-friendliness, saving users
from having to go through a complicated learning process in order to use SuperSign.

Supersign Content Management System
LG SuperSign CMS V2.9.0

LG SuperSign CMS V2.9.0

(Paid License)

All-in-one content management software for editing, scheduling and distribution.
Over 100 templates are available, and various special effects can be applied to
make content creation easier. Contents are set as a playlist with detailed schedules
and distributed to multiple displays installed in large places, wherever they are, with
a single server. Users can manage content via their mobile phone as well as PC.

Supersign LG Simple Editor V3.21

LG Simple Editor V3.21

Simple content editing and distribution freeware dedicated for LG Smart TV signage.
Contents can be distributed via USB or network connection.

SuperSign Media Editor

SuperSign Media Editor

An application for cropping and encoding videos and images. SuperSign Media Editor
is specially offered for video walls with irregular layouts or LG Ultra Stretch signage
which requires additional editing of original content sources. This editor is a
standalone program that requires a SuperSign CMS license.

super sign monitoring-and-control
Supersign Control

LG SuperSign Control + V1.9.0

All-in-one control and real-time monitoring software. Your displays are remotely
controlled by multiple accounts with a single server, and the log info and issues of each
device are recorded. They are then categorized and managed as groups according to
their status, enabling systematic and efficient management. This is an optional paid
software license that leverages significantly more features than SuperSign .

LG SuperSign Control V1.7.0

LG SuperSign Control V1.7.0

Basic software to control up to 100 displays via network. Essential
factors such as power, volume and scheduling can be remotely
adjusted and firmware update is supported.

LG LED Assistant V1.3.2

LG LED Assistant V1.3.2

Direct View LED Controller Software dedicated for LG DVLED
Signage Products.

LG SuperSign White Balance
LG SuperSign White Balance V3.715

LG SuperSign WB V3.715

Calibration software for adjusting a video wall’s white balance. Two modes using a
camera and a sensor are supported, so the choice depends on the situation and
the user’s preference. After measuring the color value for each display, color is
adjusted for uniform picture quality. SuperSign WB software is free to use
for sensor calibration mode. Camera calibration mode requires an additional paid

SuperSign C Download

SuperSign C V3.7.1

Remote management software to easily control the settings (e.g. screen settings, power on/off) of supported digital signage monitors or SuperSign TVs connected to a LAN or RS-232C serial ports. Provides sensor and camera white balance calibration for video walls.

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